Review Policy

Well I am more than willing and happy to accept books that are currently on the shelves and ARCs from willing authors, publishers, and or publicists. I can accept hardback, paperback and e-pubs in all formats. 

Genres that I will accept

Urban Fantasy
Historical Fiction
Paranormal Romance
Middle Grades (fantasy, fairy-tale, steampunk)
children's (fantasy, fairy-tale, steampunk)
Graphic Novels
Comic Books
Self-published (if the editing is crap I won't finish it and my review will reflect that)

Genres that I won't accept

Chick Lit
mommy porn (unless I'm in a good mood)

Books Sent to Me for Review

Please understand my review will be my honest to goodness opinion. It may not be pretty or positive. You are sending me your book for a HONEST review. If you want a puff piece rely on your publicist for that. My reviews will be posted on Goodreads, my Facebook page and my personal Twitter account. I will post to googlebooks and/or Amazon if requested. 

***If that book just isn't doing it for me ( I will give it at least 100 pages) I will post a “Did Not Finish Review” explaining why I didn’t finish the novel***

Books in a Series

If your book is in a series I will ask for all previous instalments unless I already own them. So, please be prepared to send them along as well. I really hate reading books out of series. Especially if they aren't stand alone books. 

My Review Timing

Please understand that I do have to work for a living so my turn around time is 2 to 3 weeks. Unless specifically asked or requested to have my review in on a certain date or by a certain time frame. So just let me know if you need earlier than my normal reading time. 

How I Review

My reviews will include the book jacket, a brief synopsis of the novel, and my personal thoughts about the book. I won't include spoilers, and if I do I always post a spoiler tag in the post title. Mainly, I will focus on the plot, characters and their development, the writing style, the ending and my hope for the overall series. 

Please feel free to contact me if interested with your review requests or any questions that you may have.

Email Addy:

My Rating System


5. Outstanding, absolutely loved it and hope there is a movie forthcoming

4. Great, really enjoyed it and it has earned a place on my bookshelf

3. Good read and entertaining

2. Slightly ok, reading it once was enough for me

1. Not the worst, but certainly not the best

0. Hated it or didn't finish it

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