Thursday, December 19, 2013

Book Babblings

Long Live the Queen by Kate Locke

The Nitty Gritty: This is the final installment of the Immortal Empire series. If Xandra thought taking the Goblin Queen crown was going to make her life easier she is sadly mistaken. Everyone is clamoring for her favor. They need the goblins on their side to win the war. Though the humans want to kill all artistos and goblins alike.

And Xanda Varden is ready to take on the whole world to keep those she loves safe, but how safe is it when the monster wears her face?

The Human League is out for blood and the aristos and goblins are just trying to stay alive as both sides hear up for war. But is there a traitor in the Varden camp?

Opening Line: "I had a corpse over my shoulder when I walked into the goblin den."

The Good: The pacing was good in the book. Just enough action to keep you from pulling your hair out and enough action to keep you pulling your hair out. There were surprises left and right and not the sort to piss you off, but the sort that make you wince but you keep turning the page.

I have to say that the byplay between Xandra and Victoria were spot on. I love that Locke showed the vampire queen of England with a little vulgarity. I am of the opinion that the British take their monarchs a tad too serious. So I like what Locke did with Her Nibs.

I am so in love with the Vex its not even funny. He is everything that a fictional lover should be. Strong, intelligent, gentle, sexy, in control, commanding....the list can and does go on and on. I love his relationship with Xandra. He is her rock when she needs a port in the storm. He is her shield when she rides into battle and he is the stick when the carrot doesn't work. He allows Xandra to figure out who she is and who she wants to be without any pressure to live up to who he wants her to be. And he loves her all the same. I don't understand why all literary men have to be buttholes and woman fall all over them like they are the ideal mates, but no one is saying anything about how wonderful Vex is. I blame this on that garbage 50 Shades of Grey.

The Bad: Xanda's superhero complex did get a little annoying in this book. Xandra is the sort of person that thinks if she doesn't do it it won't get done and it won't be right. So instead of trusting those around her she tries to take on every little thing herself without help. When her brother and sisters and especially Vex are more than capable of lending a helping hand.

I'm a steampunk neophyte I will admit, but the few that I have read have made a fan out of me and I love the genre now. This series was never heavily steampunk for me. I mean Locke always made mention of a few steampunk devices like a rotary or logic machine, but that was about it. I wanted more. A lot more.

Final Thoughts: This is a very good trilogy. It didn't try to be the next great British novel it just wanted to be a good book. I'm sad the ride is over, but like any great queen the Immortal Empire series knows when to leave a party. Locke has solidified herself in the urban fantasy/steampunk genre for me and I hope to enjoy many more of her novels to come.